We stand strongly behind all ladies we represent and cannot recommend one lady over another as everyone has their own specific preferences. We have exceedingly high standards in who we hire and represent, and feel you will be very pleased with our service. Our Portfolio is fun to browse and any specific questions can be addressed by calling in to inquire.

Yes, but tipping and donations are always appreciated but never expected.

Not at this time.

We have a reputation that is stellar in the Escort Service Industry. If you are not completely satisfied please let us know so we can work to rectify the situation immediately.

Yes, of course. The safety of everyone in this industry is something we strongly believe in. We only provide references if you have used our services within the past six months.

Yes, we do accept EMT’s from Canadian accounts. Please mention this at booking as the EMT must be received prior to arrival.

No, not without explicit consent from the Escort.

Do people still videotape things these days? To answer your question: no. We want to ensure that everyone has a good time and that everyone’s privacy is protected. You’re welcome to tweet a picture of your meal, but not your dinner date. That privacy protection goes both ways. Our Companions will not photograph/videotape you either. Any unlawful violations of privacy or safety will be reported to Police Services.

Celebrity and public figure confidentiality agreements are more than welcome, as long as they include provisions to protect the privacy and safety of the Van VIP Escorts team.

Well… no. As of December 6th 2014, the Canadian government has made sexual consent between two adults who’ve exchanged money illegal.

There’s that whole pesky legal ruling from 2014, that says you can’t even ask. If you ask one of our Companions for sex, she is required by her employment contract to decline. If the matter is pursued, the Companion has the right to end the booking, and you risk being blacklisted from our agency.